So, Why do you need a website?
Your church is small and you ask do I really need a website? You are listed in the phone book and maybe even on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media, so isn't that enough? Quite frankly, these social medias are no where near enough to reach everyone. Besides the fact is that their content is not always in harmony with Christianity, much less the Church of the Nazarene, and you have no control over what is posted there.
"Nazarene Manual, 903.19 The use of Social Media.
First and foremost, the content that we share should be respectful. As in all interpersonal relationships, we believe that the content of our social media should also be a reflection of the sanctified hearts for which we strive. Clergy and laity alike must be mindful of how their activities on social media affect the image of Christ and His church and impact its mission within their communities. Our activities should be life giving and affirming and should seek to uplift all persons."
In our world today, the Internet is probably the largest source of information and is expanding daily. Many of the churches we work with have commented that visitors found them on the web and learned the basic information they needed to know for a visit.

First of all, probably no small church has staff with knowledge of how to create a web page nor have time to keep it up-to-date. So, why in the world would a small church want to spend funds for someone to create a web page for them?
Why should I use
  • Because; we are here to help you put your church on the web 100% GUARANTEED to be in complete harmony with the Global Church of the Nazarene.
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  • Because; all you need for a web address will be ~ your church
    • (One exception, which does not apply to our service, if you want your own domain name you will need to pay the hosting fee to the hosting company, usually less that $100 per year)
    • We will still Design and Maintain your site, with your assistance, 100% FREE.
  • Because; we have been designing Websites for over 20 years and have the programs and knowledge necessary to create sites of good taste and will spend all the time necessary to make your page easy to view and navigate to every visitor.
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